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The Amalfi Coast

Known worldwide for its incomparable beauty, the Amalfi coast south of the peninsula sorrentina, situated on the coast line  of the Gulf of Salerno. The towns that are part of it are famous tourist destinations visited every year by thousands of tourists. Among the most popular are: PositanoAmalfiRavello and Vietri sul Mare

Inhabited since the time of the ancient Romans, the Amalfi coast is, since 1997, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Positano, among the most beautiful Coastal towns, is among the most popular tourist destinations for its scenic beauty and particular urbanistic conformation: characteristic is the vertical development of the town. 
Rich in history and artistic beauty it offers a magical atmosphere for those who decide to visit it. Positano has two main beaches: the Spiaggia Grande (Large Beach)  and that of Fornillo both which are within walking distance of the main town. 

Famous since ancient times, Amalfi from the 9th century was one of Marine Republics and  along with PisaVenice and Genoa it rallied for the governing of the Mediterranean. Amongst  the beauties not to be missed in Amalfi are: the Duomo, the cloister of paradise and the Civic and Paper Museum .

An other town considered a jewel of the Amalfi coast is Ravello, perched on a plateau with a breathtaking view. Place loved and praised by numerous artists, such as Richard Wagner, Ravello attracts every year thousands of visitors attracted by the beauty of his villas. In recent years, the city hosts a major international festival of classical music the Ravello Festival.

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