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Ischia is a volcanic island in the region of Campania. It is the largest of the Phlegrean islands and lies at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples not far from the Procida and Vivara in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the third most populated Italian island, after Sicily and Sardinia, with a population of 62,733 people. In ancient times it was known as Pithekousai, in Greek Πιθηκούσσαι.

Ischia is a very popular tourist attraction for the Gulf of Naples and the city itself. The particular cone formation of the island, with Monte Epomeo in the centre, together with its geographical position in the Tyrrhenian Sea favour a mild climate, with frequent climatic changes, even during the winter months. The predominating winds vary season to season. In winter the Libeccio – a warm south-westerly wind, the Ponente – a westerly wind and the Scirocco - warm south-easterly wind. In the spring and summer months the Tramontana – cold northerly wind and the Grecale – north-easterly wind are predominant. The humidity, just like the winds, varies from season to season. In the winter the libeccio and scirocco bring frequent rain with an average humidity of 63% but when the wind blows from the north the humidity is greatly reduced.

Sea crossings

To reach Ischia you need to take a ferry or hydrofoil from one of the three ports at Naples, Napoli-Beverello, Pozzuoli and Napoli-Mergellina. The crossings arrive at the ports of Ischia, Casamicciola and Forio. During the summer months it is possible to take a hydrofoil from Napoli-Mergellina to Forio. It takes approximately 90 minutes by ferry, 70 minutes by hydrofoil or high speed ferry to cross the 14 -18 miles, depending on the route chosen. To limit traffic on the island during the summer months residents of Campania are not allowed to take their cars or motorbikes when they cross to Ischia.

The Port

The Porto d’Ischia is one of the most protected due to the fact that it is a volcanic inlet and a major commercial port. The ferry companies operating here are Caremar and Medmar otherwise you can cross by hydrofoil with Caremar and Alilauro. The hydrofoils dock on jetty number 2 of the Rendentore quay. Ferries dock at the Olimpica quay, the Scivolo quay is only used to dock overnight.

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